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Auction Terms & conditions


The terms used in this User Agreement have the following meaning:


A tour operator contracted by hoteliers to provide tour operator services through means of hotel auctions.


A platform created by Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. where online deals in Bulgarian for various tourism and hotel services take place.


Tourism and hotel services that can be the subject of an auction in accordance to the User Agreement.


A physical or legal person tied to the terms of the User Agreement and registered correctly resulting in the creation of an account to which Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. provides their services in accordance to the currently upheld User Agreement.


A hotelier offering Tour Packages for sale at auctions, regardless of the auction‘s type.


A member partaking in an auction through the means of bidding.


A person who undertakes activities with the intention of purchasing or who purchases Packages in an auction, regardless of the type of the auction.


Procedures for the award of contracts for purchase under the terms of the User Agreement, including the procedures that determine the price of a package and leading to its sale.


A user account with a password and username unique to its owner, it lets you access important data. In the account are stored data and information about the activities of the user in the auctions organized by Bull Hotel Tour Ltd.


The currently upheld agreement between the user and Bull Hotel Tour Ltd.



2.1. The following persons or entities may be users: individuals, aged at least 18 years old and are legally able to enter into legally binding contracts, legal entities and organizations that are not legal entities but are able to acquire rights on their behalf and assume obligations.

2.2. Individuals wishing to register must complete the registration form containing: name, surname, email address, chosen auctions username and password. By completing the above personal information the user gives explicit permission for collecting, processing, storing and transferring the data from the Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. or third parties in accordance with applicable law.


2.3. As a result of proper registration Bull Hotel Tours Ltd. creates the user's account, corresponding to the username (login) given with the registration form. The user is given access to his account after entering his username and password correctly in the auction (login).

2.4. The user is not capable of changing his username (login), chosen during registration. Each profile must have its own separate e-mail address as well. 


2.5. The user can have more than one account, but they cannot be used for activities that violate the terms below. User shall be prohibited:

a. to participate in bidding in one auction with more than one of their profiles;

b. to bid in their own auction;

c.  to use profiles to increase the prices offered in the bidding list in an unfair manner.


2.6. User may not use other users' profiles or provide their profiles to others. The user must keep his account password confidential. Profiles can not be downloaded.


ARTICLE 3. Trades

3.1. Bull Hotel Tour as a tour operator acts as an intermediary in the transaction and is liable to the buyer by issuing a payment document - a voucher with which the user can use his tour products after having attended the auction, issues invoices for payments carried out by the buyer, provides a copy of the tour operator‘s insurance along with buyer contracts to provide a total travel cost.

3.2. Auctions can support the following types of sales:

a. A sale with bidding in which the Seller is offering Packages and has invited people to participate in the bidding for the offered goods, the participant who has offered the highest price (bid) wins the sale;

b. A sale with bidding with the additional option "Buy Now", which lets the buyer purchase the product prior to any bids at a price which has already been fixed by the seller. A buyer can use the "Buy Now" option to purchase a Package before a higher bid than the fixed price is present.

c. Sale lone option is  "Buy Now" where the vendors offer goods on a fixed price without bidding.

3.4. Prices offered by vendors, and other trading conditions, are public information available to anyone who visits the auction.




4.1. In order to offer tour packages for Sales, hoteliers need to describe the sale itself. For this purpose, hoteliers need to complete a form of sale in the auction where they specify the name of the auction and a description of the package is provided. Along with creating the description of the auction, the hosteler sets the terms and conditions of the transaction.

4.2. After the description of the sale has been confirmed by the hotelier, it is published in the auction, unless a different date has been given by the auctioneer in the prior submitted form of sale, after which the hotelier will be bound by the contents of the description of the auction and the auction will begin.

4.3. By offering a package for sale on behalf of Hotel site BULL HOTEL TOUR, the carrying out of the contract for the purpose with which the sale itself started begins.


4.4. Package description should be written in Cyrillic, it must be true and complete and may not mislead other users, especially with regard to the characteristics of the package. The description of the package must be written in Bulgarian. Spelling in other languages is permissible, so long as a description in Bulgarian is provided. The description of the package must comply with the current legislation, and in particular it must contain the information required in certain circumstances, including the information regarding the applicable provisions of the consumer protection law. The seller is solely responsible for the content published in the description of the Sale and more specifically for any errors or inaccuracies in the aforementioned specification. In the events where the package description and the rest of the text in the started by the hosteler Sale is in a language different from Bulgarian, with the beginning of the Sale every participant must declare that he or she understands the conditions associated with the proposed Package.


4.5. The information contained in the description of the Sale can only be applicable to the object of the Sale itself.


4.6. The hotelier is bound by the contents of the description of the sale. The hosteler can change the description of the sale prior to the first bid or before the buyer has used the “Buy Now“ option (if such is present). After either of those events has perspired, the hotelier cannot make any changes that in their essence are amendments to the terms and conditions of the transaction and at the same time constitute a change in the product characteristics.




5.1. The user enters an auction with bidding by making proposals (bids) or through using the “Buy Now“ option (in sales where it is available). To perform some of the aforementioned actions, it is necessary to fill in a special form, located on the page of the auction, and then examine its contents and confirm his/her selection.


5.2. At the moment the bidder proposes, he agrees to transfer some of the information contained in his account - name and last name along with e-mail address – to the hosteler.


5.3. During an auction, users can ask Bull Hotel Tour questions which are related to the transactions in the auction. The contents of the question are automatically sent to the hosteler by e-mail.


5.4. By joining in on the bidding for one item, the bidder determines the maximum price he is willing to pay for the proposed package. The system will then automatically make a proposal at the minimum price which would allow the bidder, if he were to agree to the proposal, to still outbid the current highest bid and place him on the top of the priority list for the item. Then, as a result of every other offer made by other participants, the system will in turn make similar proposals that would enable participants to bid over all the other bidders at a minimum price increase.


5.5. During bidding in Sales, the participant can change the maximum price he is willing to pay, but can not specify an amount lower than the highest offered bid at the time by another participant.


5.6. The participant offering the highest bid becomes the winner of the auction.


5.7. The auction ends before the assumed deadline. The auction may be closed early in the following cases:


a. In an auction for sale with the option “Buy Now“ – after the buyer has used this option.


5.8.  When a bidder makes a new proposal, the system will automatically send an e-mail to the participant who has until then held the highest bid and inform him that another, higher bid, has been placed.


5.9. When a bidder makes a new proposal, the system automatically sends a message to his e-mail, informing him that his proposal has been accepted.


5.10. Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. can block a user‘s account for a limited or unlimited period of time, if the user‘s actions violate the agreement he‘s complied to, if they help build a negative image for Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. or are otherwise to the detriment of the organisation. Regardless of the fact that the account has been blocked, the user is entirely responsible for the actions which resulted in the suspension of the account (permanent or not) and most of all is responsible for damages, if such are present, to Bull Hotel Tour Ltd.


5.11. A user whose account has been blocked cannot register again for an auction without prior consent given by Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. retains its right to refuse the registration of a user whose account has been blocked before in the past.




6.1. Information that the auction has ended is shown in its description. If a winner is selected, determined in accordance to the specified rule set, in the moment the auction is completed, the winning bid is accepted and information about the termination of the auction, along with its winner, is sent to the e-mail of the buyer. 


6.2. The travel contract with a total cost between Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. and the winning bidder is concluded when the winning proposal is accepted. The contract between Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. and the buyer, when using the “Buy Now“ option, is signed in the moment when the buyer confirms he has used that option.




7.1. Personal data provided by users is collected and processed by Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. in accordance with applicable law and current personal data protection policies.


7.2. The user is not to disclose to third parties any information relating to other users, which has been derived from Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. as a result of the use of the auction, unless he has obtained prior consent by the user to whom that information relates. Information obtained by Bull Hotel Tour Ltd. can be used by the User solely for purposes related to either the completion of a transaction or the execution of the agreements concluded at an auction.