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Terms & conditions

1. Bull Hotel Tour agrees to provide accurate information about the products, the final price with VAT and issue a travel voucher for the services paid for by the client.

2. Bull Hotel Tour is not responsible for the quality of service that the customer has purchased individually on the spot rather than through an official representative.

3. Any specific requirements for additional services outside of the designated ones in terms of food, accommodation, etc., must be coordinated with Bull Hotel Tour consultants and recorded in the travel contract.

4. When the price of the tourist service is declared in a currency other than the Bulgarian lev, the conversion is done at the exchange rates of the National Bank on the day of payment.

5. The reservation is considered confirmed after payment of the full service package. Bull Hotel Tour is obligated to issue the relevant documents – tour voucher, invoice or sales receipt (if payment is made at a Bull Hotel Tour office), and the signing of the current contract.

6. Payment of the requested services is performed in the following order (unless a different order is states for certain special offers):

7. Within 3 working days from confirmation of the request - a deposit of 50% of the package of services;

Up to 14 calendar days before the date of stay - 100% of the service package.

In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation and unless other terms and conditions are specified, depending on the specifics of the service, the following penalties will be deducted from the paid amount:

14 to 7 calendar days before the date of stay - 50% of the package of services;

from 7 to 3 days before the date of stay - 70% of package services;

less than 3 calendar days before the date of stay - 100% of the service package.

8. Bull Hotel Tours is not liable or offers refunds in the event that cancellations due to force majeure circumstances, acts of war, acts of terrorism, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and other circumstances beyond its control.

9. In the event that extraordinary circumstances by providers of services  force a change or cancellation of the reservation, Bull Hotel Tour is obliged to propose an appropriate and acceptable alternative. The customer will be informed immediately and can choose from the following options:

to accept the necessary changes;

Upon being accommodated in a place of a lower category, Bull Hotel Tour will refund the difference between the paid service and the actual price.

to purchase another trip;

to cancel the trip.

10. The customer is obliged to inform the Bull Hotel Tour of their choice within 3 days of receipt of notice of change or cancellation, but not later than the appointed date of travel.

11. Bull Hotel Tour will reimburse the full amount paid within 7 days after the date of cancellation given by the customer.

12. Failing to make the journey up to 4 days prior to date of arrival, the customer may transfer their rights and obligations to a third party that meets all the requirements of the tourism service.

13. In the event that during the trip, the customer suffers personal injuries or property damage, all the costs incurred shall be borne by him/her.

14. When a change is made by the client within the time stated on the travel service a new contract is signed.

15. All claims relating to the quality of the services should be filed by the customer together with the service provider and a Bull Hotel Tour representative or in front of the tour company to serve remedial. Claims are submitted in writing or in another form that allows it to be reproduced / fax, e-mail and more. /. If the requirements are not met, the customer must request the responsible person to establish a protocol. Within 3 days after return, the customer must submit a written complaint along with the attached protocol. Bull Hotel Tour agrees to provide a written statement within 30 days after receiving the claim.

16. Amounts for requested, but not used wholly or partially due to the client‘s fault services, are not refundable.

17. Bull Hotel Tour is not responsible for damages caused by the failure or improper performance of the contract due to the client, acts of third parties related to the execution of the contract, which can not be foreseen or avoided, or force majeure events which can not be foreseen or avoided by Bull Hotel Tour or its contractors given a good faith in the performance of their duties.

18. Bull Hotel Tour provides the client with a certificate for an insurance policy, "Tour Operator‘s Responsibility" under Article 42 of the Tourism Act with DZI "General Insurance" LLC.