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Learn more about Bulgaria

Learn more about Bulgaria
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About us

BULL HOTEL TOUR Ltd. is a licensed tour operator (license number PK-01-6506) and tour agent (with license number PK-01-6785). INSURANCE Insurance policy "Armeec" number: 12 130 1315 0000 33 8883 for year 2013. We focus on the following:


* Offering Bulgarian hotels, city apartments, apartments in various Bulgarian resorts, eco village houses, car rentals and sailing services all readily available through our agency‘s website;

* Serving tourist groups that arrive at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and Bulgarian ski resorts.

* We organize congresses, conferences, team building and various other events;

* We cooperate with the conduction of sports events, camps and competitions;

* We provide help with renting apartments in different parts of the country;

* We assist with the renting of yachts, catamarans and other sports facilities;







* When traveling with BULL HOTEL TOUR your consumer rights are protected to the fullest extent in accordance with the European and Bulgarian legislation laws.

* Our service does not extend only to the reservation of certain services but also transcends to ensuring the quality of the tourism products.

* Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Bulgarian hotels, we only offer you the ones who we work well with and can accurately affirm they will not disappoint you.

* Because you have a direct relationship with us and you can contact our staff in any and all circumstances.

* Because we can send you special offers, choosing the best ones while taking your specific requirements into account.



BULL HOTEL TOUR Ltd. is a travel agency with innovative ambitions. By introducing online hotel auctions we offer our clients the opportunity to explore the tourism products and facilities of hotels in the country at the lowest possible prices. At the same time, we allow the owners and managers of hotels to promote their products by publishing them in the aforementioned auctions.